Nylon Flags

Nylon is the most durable and serviceable option. Nylon retains color well, flies nicely in a light breeze, dries well, and is easily cleaned.


12x18" US Flag Frg w/pole hem Nylon Dyed

sku # 10100123

This 12 x 18 inch US Flag is made of nylon. Each flag is finished with a sewn pole hem and golden fringe. Ideal size for mounting on auto fender staff.

$17.80 $10.00


48 Star US Flag - Nylon

sku # 48 Star Nylon

$95.80 - $131.00


US Flag Nylon Appliqued

sku # Nylon Appliqued

$278.50 - $1,964.70


US Flag Nylon Dyed

sku # Nylon Dyed

$10.50 - $66.00


US Flag Nylon Embroidered

sku # Nylon Embroidered

MADE IN THE USA! Our Best Selling Flag! This beautiful American Nylon Embroidered flag features Sewn Stripes & Embroidered Stars!

$17.00 - $329.50


US Flag Frg w/pole hem Nylon Embroidered

sku # Fringe Nylon

$36.00 - $96.00


US Flag w/pole hem Nylon Embroidered

sku # US Flag Nylon - hem

$26.00 - $94.50


America Strong Flag 3x5

sku # 10612400

This AMERICA Strong 3x5 Nylon Flag is MADE IN THE USA! This flag features two brass grommets on the left edge of the flag for easy hanging.