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Hog Heaven Impressions


Here are just a few benefits of the Hog Heaven Impressions logo mat.

  • Multi-color images are created by molding a digitally printed polymeric material into the durable Nitrile rubber
  • Nitrile rubber top surface has 20% recycled content
  • Closed cell Nitrile blended cushion is permanently molded (not glued) to the Nitrile rubber top surface
  • Rubber borders will not crack or curl
  • Chemical Resistant, Grease & Oil Proof
  • Recommended for distribution, manufacturing and retail facilities for picking lines, assembly lines, work stations, check-out stations and more

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Hog Heaven™ Impressions
Product Number 3422- 5/8” Black Border

Overall Mat Thickness: 5/8” Surface Type: 100% Nitrile Rubber (20% Recycled Content)
Thickness: .120”
Durometer: 65
Tensil: 1100 PSI Cushion
Type: Nitrile/PVC Closed Cell Foam
Density: 5.5 to 7.5 lbx/ft³ Water
Absorption: ASTM D 1667- .01 lb/sq ft maximum
Temperature Use: ASTM D 1056- Cold
Crack: -20 degrees F
200 Degrees intermittent exposure

Testing o Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70 o Passes ATTCC Test method 134-1996 Electrostatic Propensity of Carpets: Maximum Voltage Negative 0.7 KV o Static Dissipative: o ASTM C1028-96 Static Coefficient of Friction: Dry - .92 Wet = .86